Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lodrik, A house of Heros

Lodrik , The name of old home where only Tibetan soldiers live at Jampalink Tibetan Camp in Nepal. In 1959, they fought against Chains Army. Susukandu was the name of guerrilla group where they worked. After that they came in Nepal and still here. On one got any kind of pension form their Tibetan Army jab. Most of them have no child and live a lonely life here. Tibetan Government and Lodrik welfare fund supports them. Now, 51 peoples are stay in Lodrik old home. All of them are over 70 year old. “No one come to meet with us. My all relatives are in Tibet and India at Tibetan camp. I don’t how are they.” said Karma Renchan. This old peoples are believe that one day Tibet will be free from China. May be they will miss it but next generation must get.

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