Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cost of voice

We can find many incident of sacrificing lives, some sacrificing lives for loves some for faith some for liberty welfare and nation or fight against autocracy, but Bangladeshi are the only nation who fight and sacrificing the lives for language.

“no change can possible without revolution that’s the reason we start movement to make bangle as our state language “ said Abdul Motin on of the ladder of language movement.

In 21st February 1952 students broke the free movement restriction clause 144 and took out processing on demand to make bangle as a state language. Police fire openly on the procession. Rafiq , Shofiq , Salam , Borkot and many others were murder. At last Pakistan government declare bangle as one of the state language of Pakistan in 1956

Few of those heroes who played leading role in this achievement are still alive. This portrait series is dedicated to those heroes.


Jatra, the traditional folk-theatre of Bangla is still popular within rural people which have on much entertainment in life. Spread throughout most of Bengali speaking area of the Indian subcontinent including Bangladesh and Indian states of East Bangle, Bihar, Orissa and Tripur.

The artist of Jatra performed our folktale including many advices. People enjoy their performance and gather knowledge from it.

One of the special of jatra is arrangement the stage that is open on all side and audience can enjoy the acting from three side of it at the same time. The stage often has minimal or on furniture or props. It has rather seem as a neutral space. Loud dialogues and over acting are still very powerful and effective methods to grip the rural people.

Now a day’s Jatra is facing a tough time. Song and dances are also including along with the acting. As a result it is on more appear to be a decent entertainment. There by it is losing its pride day by day and people are showing their backs towards Jatra which is a great loss for this traditional art form.

To keep this heritage alive students of fine art faculty of Dhaka University make Jatra one of their means of celebrating Pahela boishakh. Where students themselves performs on the stage.


“It‘s name is “Bou Bazar” (market for wife), when men left for job women come here and do their shopping.” Was saying a woman lives at staff quarter in Dhaka.

Actually it’s not a market, it’s the water reserve jar of Dhaka WASA and beside it there is little open space inside the quarter. The space is around 30 sq meter including water pump. In the morning you will find market and after that children play at the same open place.

Almost 3500 people live in this quarter and nearly seven to eight hundred are child. They have on playground, so in this small place they play various kinds of game like football, cricket and so on.

Dhaka is one of the megacity in the world. Its population is increasing day by day. But there is no proper city planning. Wherever you see an empty space, very soon you’ll find a high rise building on that piece of land. No one is thinking where children will play. They are growing up within the boundaries of the megacity. In this modern civilization what we are going to give our next generation.

Life with Snake

Gypsy is one of the old community on Bangladesh. Still they appear to be the ancient in their thoughts though they have a little tough of modern life. They have three costs among the lower cost, middle cost & higher cost. Their population is about 1.5 to 2 million who are live in different place and boat on water. They never send their child to school they earn their living cost by selling goods and snack charming. There are some photographs of my one day experience with the gypsy.