Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cost of voice

We can find many incident of sacrificing lives, some sacrificing lives for loves some for faith some for liberty welfare and nation or fight against autocracy, but Bangladeshi are the only nation who fight and sacrificing the lives for language.

“no change can possible without revolution that’s the reason we start movement to make bangle as our state language “ said Abdul Motin on of the ladder of language movement.

In 21st February 1952 students broke the free movement restriction clause 144 and took out processing on demand to make bangle as a state language. Police fire openly on the procession. Rafiq , Shofiq , Salam , Borkot and many others were murder. At last Pakistan government declare bangle as one of the state language of Pakistan in 1956

Few of those heroes who played leading role in this achievement are still alive. This portrait series is dedicated to those heroes.

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