Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jatra, the traditional folk-theatre of Bangla is still popular within rural people which have on much entertainment in life. Spread throughout most of Bengali speaking area of the Indian subcontinent including Bangladesh and Indian states of East Bangle, Bihar, Orissa and Tripur.

The artist of Jatra performed our folktale including many advices. People enjoy their performance and gather knowledge from it.

One of the special of jatra is arrangement the stage that is open on all side and audience can enjoy the acting from three side of it at the same time. The stage often has minimal or on furniture or props. It has rather seem as a neutral space. Loud dialogues and over acting are still very powerful and effective methods to grip the rural people.

Now a day’s Jatra is facing a tough time. Song and dances are also including along with the acting. As a result it is on more appear to be a decent entertainment. There by it is losing its pride day by day and people are showing their backs towards Jatra which is a great loss for this traditional art form.

To keep this heritage alive students of fine art faculty of Dhaka University make Jatra one of their means of celebrating Pahela boishakh. Where students themselves performs on the stage.

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