Tuesday, October 6, 2009


“It‘s name is “Bou Bazar” (market for wife), when men left for job women come here and do their shopping.” Was saying a woman lives at staff quarter in Dhaka.

Actually it’s not a market, it’s the water reserve jar of Dhaka WASA and beside it there is little open space inside the quarter. The space is around 30 sq meter including water pump. In the morning you will find market and after that children play at the same open place.

Almost 3500 people live in this quarter and nearly seven to eight hundred are child. They have on playground, so in this small place they play various kinds of game like football, cricket and so on.

Dhaka is one of the megacity in the world. Its population is increasing day by day. But there is no proper city planning. Wherever you see an empty space, very soon you’ll find a high rise building on that piece of land. No one is thinking where children will play. They are growing up within the boundaries of the megacity. In this modern civilization what we are going to give our next generation.

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